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Ultimate RV Auction - Madison, WI

Ultimate RV Auction - Madison, WI

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PRE-BIDDING GOING ON NOW! Live auction Friday, August 2nd, 2024 @ 1pm CT

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How Live Auctions Work


Register online or at any of our onsite events. Online registration may take a few minutes, so complete yours in advance.


Place bids in real-time online or onsite during the auction. You can also enter max pre-bids in the weeks before to compete against real-time bids.


You won! Congratulations, savvy bidder. One of our auction specialists will assist you with finalizing your purchase, including financing options.

Pickup or Delivery

Choose to pick up your RV from the location listed on the lot page, or tap into our network of transporters to arrange competitively priced delivery.

CW Auctions FAQs

What information is available about the units being sold at auction?

Visit the auction page to browse upcoming units for sale and previously sold units. View lot details to see a complete condition report, view interior and exterior photos, and learn basic information such as size, sleeping capacity, and features.

How do I register?

You must complete and sign a registration form and provide identification before bidding. We may require a bank or other financial references and credit card verification. Online bidders will need to place a temporary $1 authorization on a valid credit card.

How do I finance an RV at auction?

Financing is available at each of our auction events. If interested in financing, you will work with an auction specialist to secure financing with our network of over 300 trusted lenders. However, all auction sales are final and are not contingent on the buyer securing financing.

What payment is accepted?

Cash, certified bank payment, or credit card payments (up to $5,000) are accepted. All buyers must pay a $2,500 deposit on the day of the auction.

How does bidding work?

There are two ways to bid. 1. You can enter pre-bids with a max bid in the weeks leading up to an auction event. 2. You can bid in real-time online or onsite during an auction event. Max bids entered before an event will automatically bid against pre-bids and real-time bids until they are surpassed.

When do I need to pick up my RV from auction?

If you purchase an RV online, you will need to coordinate pickup by the date provided by the auction, typically within a week of the sale. You may also tap into our network of transporters to have your RV delivered to your home. Let your auction specialist know your preference so they may assist.

Is there a buyer’s premium?

Yes, a premium of 5% of the final price will be included on the final sale, though at no less than $599.