How Live Auctions Work

Get ready for the next auction event to take advantage of this unique buying opportunity. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare. 


Register online or at any of our in-person events. It is quick, easy, and enables you to participate in bidding and pre-bidding.

  • Provide identification and complete a registration form before bidding.
  • Complete registration and verification in advance, as it may take a few minutes.
  • Online registration requires a temporary $1 authorization on a valid credit card to verify your account.

Pre-bidding occurs in the weeks leading up to the event. Real-time bidding occurs on the day of the auction. Once the auction commences, you may place real-time bids online or in-person. Here’s how it works:

  • Online pre-bidding starts at $1.
  • Enter maximum pre-bids for any RVs you are interested in.
  • Pre-bids automatically update before the event and during real-time bidding until your maximum bid is surpassed.
  • Real-time bidding occurs online or in-person during an auction event.
  • Some units are subject to a reserve, which is a confidential required minimum price.

We offer multiple purchase options to buy your RV at auction, including competitive financing. Upon the acceptance of your winning bid, one of our auction specialists will walk through your buying and financing options. Here’s what you need to know: online or at any of our in-person events. It’s quick, easy, and enables you to participate in bidding and pre-bidding.

  • A $2500 deposit is required for all sales.
  • Purchase outright or secure financing – just notify your auction specialist.
  • Access our network of over 300 lenders for competitive rates and terms.
  • A winning bid does not guarantee financing.

Pick up your RV from the location listed on the lot page or tap into our network of transporters to arrange competitively priced delivery. 

  • Notify your auction specialist if you plan to pick up or have your RV delivered.
  • Coordinate pickup by the date provided by the auction, typically within a week of sale.
  • No units will be removed until full payment has been received.

About CW Auctions

Online and in-person bidding is now open at CW Auctions. We invite wholesalers and members of the public to participate in auction events featuring hundreds of RVs for sale. Bid and buy from anywhere and experience the thrill of the auction for a chance to find and buy the perfect RV at an exclusive price.  We source a wide selection of used RVs to give you a chance at incredible deals. Pre-bidding starts in the weeks before the auction event. Then, join us online or in-person on auction day to bid, watch, and win. We also offer competitive financing to make sure you have everything you need to get the RV you want.

Register Now

Explore upcoming auctions to attend online or in person, and register today so you’re ready for pre-bidding. Then, set a calendar reminder to place your bids and win your perfect RV at the next CW Auction.